Monday, June 25, 2007

friday: the good , bad and the ugly :lol:
got home and had to finish mowing the grass. lauren got mad b/c i was not swimming with her and fred....AF i here and i hate to swim so great excuse
fred wanted to finish putting together our shack in the back, but i was "feeling tired" from mowing

saturday: fred woke up at the crack of dawn and started cooking
crawfish at that so when i woke up the smell was killing my eyes
then at 2:00, lorijack and her to cuties came over. lauren loved playing with them. they are so cute. then we had more friends come over and we ate burgers and the crawfish fred cooked......then lauren started playing playstation and did not want to go to bed till she beat the game....2:00 am we finally beat that game

sunday woke up to late to go to church just sat around all day being lazy... then i set the VCR to tape CMT at 8 pm to tape Bon Jovi.....theyn i pulled weeds and peedled in the yard.
so i walk in at 8:30 and started watching bon jovi and you know what? the tape stopped and ejected...
glad i decided to watch it.......after it was over i rewided the tape and watched the beginning :)
so. that's it in a nut shell......

1 month and 1 week 5 days to the FEST

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