Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Update : still fuming

Ok update from Friday...

first off , I went out of this world with the message I left the house mover Friday.
yes I felt bad about the message left , but on the other hand I feel like he had it coming.

so Friday afternoon, once I got off work I went on a man hunt. I tracked him down and asked him why did he say he had insurance and did not? Well, he gave me the wrong policy to star off with. (I felt like a heel) :-(

so we talked and he said he would start on Monday. 9-4-2006

well, Saturday Fred and I went to lowe's , home depot and stine's to get materials to remodel the kitchen and paint for the living room, dining and kitchen. (geez, all that came out of our pocket)

then to Sunday, went to church.( I really needed that) :-)

after church, we went to eat and after eating I called and left messages for the contractor and the house mover to call me back...

the contractor called and said he had talked to the mover and it was looking like he would start the lifting of the house Tuesday......????? What????

then the house mover called and said since Monday was a holiday , he was going to have to give the state a call for a transport and he had to give them a 24 hr notice...

so looks like Wednesday is the day....After all this is over I am going to have to go on a little vacation...I am emotional stressed. Physically tired and so tired of all this crap!!!

and to you my dearest friend: thank you for calling me yesterday! No I am not in jail...I was at my sil house swimming and getting a nice sun burn...Ouch! But I feel refreshed today for the week ahead! Thanks for caring so much to call me!
hugs to you!

oh, and to add to the worrying and stress! My mother calls me and tells me she quit her job Friday to care for her mil... But that's a blog entry for another day!

have a great week everyone. I am looking forward...

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Oscar T. Grouch said...

so glad you were not in jail.