Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Ashley s and dirttrachick's tags.....

well, this is fun.......

4 jobs that i have had...
1. telemarketing (please have mercy one me)
2. retail stores in a mall ( Libby glass & fieldcrest cannon)
3. my now job ( working for a Ford dealers body shop)
4. a mother to my baby Lauren

4 movies i could watch again...
1. top gun
2. giant
3.good fellas
4. raising arizona

4 places that i have lived...
1. louisiana

that's it.....lol

4 favorite t.v. shows...
1. deadliest catch
2. foster's home for imaginary friends (lol)
3. iron chef ( the real one)
4. cnn headline news

4 places i have vacationed...
1.las vegas (honeymoon)
2. colorado
3. new mexico
4. texas

4 websites i visit daily...
1. scrapjazz
2. noaa
3. fmcdealer
4. blogs

4 favorite foods...
1. chinese
2. cherry coke ( yes ashley it's a type of food)
3. lemon cake
4. did i say chinese????

4 places i would rather be right now...
1. somewhere cold
2. home in bed
3. the rockys
4. visiting christy in florida

4 names of your children you may/or not have...
1. Lauren Elizabeth
2. wyatt morgan ( wish)
3. sylvester grant (wish)
4. Geoffrey Jackson (wish)

and there you go i tag............bluelilo....have fun!


Nancyroo said...

I had no idea there were so many Raising Arizona fans out there! Thought I was the only one!LOL!

AshleyS said...

that movie is the best!!

KKstock said...

AH you got in.....did you have much fun as me :) I love this game.....getting to know my SJ friends more ROCKS!