Tuesday, May 16, 2006

5 years ago today!

I was 3 months pregers with Lauren. Very happy with my life and on top of the world.
I had went to the Doctor the week before for a PAP. I was at work and the phone rang and it was my Dr. Telling me that the PAP came back abnormal and that I would have to go and see him that week. Well, I was tripping out.

you see, a little back ground: I got married at 18 and that was the first time I had went to the gynecologist. And I did not return to see him till I was pregers.
that makes it a 8 year span with no check ups.

so I went to see the doctor and he told me that my cervix was showing abnormal cells. So I had my first biopsy in his office and the results showed to be at the stage of 3 carcinoma not too bad but still worried, then he scheduled me to go to baton rouge to have another doctor see me. WOW!
so I went to Baton Rouge to see another doctor had a small biopsy and the stage went up to 4.
I was so freaking out. So he schedule me to enter the hospital and have a major removal of about 25% of the tissue of me cervix.

I have the surgery at 5 months pregers and I had Lauren at 38 weeks via c-section.

I have been going to the doctor every 3 months and no sign of the cancer comming back. And then I went to 6 months between visits and now I am graduated to once a year...