Thursday, April 08, 2010

*sigh* day 3

they say if you can make it thru the first week, you will be good to go!
who is they? i want to punch them in their cooters!

so back to cardio last night. did the warm up stretch and started on the works.

i HATE YOGA!!!!!!!

i was fine after that , but that upward dog, plank, downward dog crap kills me....so i paused the dvd, got some water and walked around till it was over! LMAO...cheater!

the rest of cardio was awesome, then came the abs!
i did all 100 reps !!!!!!!!!!!

tonight, back to sculpting I-II, i wonder if i will ever advance to III-IV? LOL


Anonymous said...

you go girl

Cheri Pryor said...

Okay...I'll chime in with dad...YOU GO, CRAZY GIRL!!