Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Day 2

i am beginning to think, WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING?
got home last night, changed and started on sculpting...with resistance band.
holy Toledo!
a resistance band is like this

i played with it when the box came in and thought, what a piece of cake....YEAH RIGHT!
so 30 minutes of warm-up, using these bands from hell and a cool down. then back to Abs.

so yeah, i am one sore lady today....

i did take my body measurements last night...every inch counts.
i did notice that one thigh is bigger then the other, by two and a half inches? strange! i measured Fred's and his is only like a quarter inch....hum? anyway, i have a goals....
goal #1 : lose 40 pounds. the reason? get back to pre-Lauren weight.
goal #2 : get my thighs even. now i look in the mirror i can see the difference! so weird.
goal #3 : get down to at least a size 9-10 in jeans... i never threw you out my darlings!
goal #4 : eat better. add for veggie and meats to my diet.
why? because i want Lauren to eat better and if i do, she will.

okay, so tonight i got cardio again....and abs....

by the way, in the past 4 days i have only had 1 1/2 cokes.! this is a big deal

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Cheri Pryor said...

You're crazy. Did I mention that yet?