Tuesday, January 05, 2010

birthday time around the corner

i will be 35 years old on the 30th of january...what the hell? 35?

seems like yesterday i was 26...goodness iam getting old...

well, my dad called and asked what i wanted for my birthday, and i totally lost my thoughts on this subject. i don't need anything really. i have a job, i can go out and get what i need...

so here is a list of things i want...enjoy.

yes, that is J. Shockey jersey... #88, the powerhouse of the New Orleans saints...He rocks.

i want Wii Fit with Plus...i looked into joining a gym, but hells that is alot of money per month, one wanted $120.00 per month, who the heck pays 120.00 a month? crazyness.

a James Avery Rememberance ring with citrine.

and last but not least, this charm from james avery. the state of louisiana charm....i am so happy he came out with a louisiana state charm...it's beautiful!

and then this one...heck better then a jersey...LOL the number 88!

thanks for looking .


Anonymous said...

ok i asked
love u

Kristin K Stock said...

You know people are going to think you are a Dale Jr fan with that 88 charm :)