Tuesday, January 26, 2010


first off, THANKS DAD!!!!!!!! i love, LOVE my birthday gift!
i will wear it with Pride and Love in my black and gold soul!

and now, my insight on that game Sunday...

holy crap, was that awesome? nail bitter, heart attack for those long hours of play.
texting back and forth with my dad...phone calls with mom...
i started to think that "those people" were right.
that the NFL wanted a farve / manning super bowl.... the refs were calling crappy plays and then our guys were playing shotty. Bree's was off and the "slippy handed bush" was not on mark.
but then OT came....i HATE NFL over time...sudden death , it all depends on that coin, heads or tails.... Bree's called it and BAMMMMMMM! we got the ball. COME ON GUYS , show them what you can do....
it all came down to the field goal kicker....Garrett Hartley....when i saw him walk on the field my stomach turned....i knew the Vike's were gonna screw with him , they had a TO left....and they did... went out side to catch my breath, i was hyper-ventilating.

then the time came.... Hartley up, he can make this...He has too...
I started praying Our father....when i got to : but deliver us from evil, he kicked.... OMG it looks good.... will it go thru, THANK you Lord it went thru....
tears streamed down my cheeks... Cheers all thru the house! THE SAINTS MADE IT!

since the SAINTS started Nov. 1,1966. they had never made it to this level!
going to the SUPA BEAUXL!



now i sit , enjoying the win, will they beat Manning? at this point i could careless.
my boys are going to the 305 and that is an awesome feat in it's self.
congrats to them! they deserve it.


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