Friday, February 06, 2009

what ever day this is....

slack blogger: i managed to master all 5 of my guitar hero games on medium, now on to hard.
that's kewl! i think so anyways.

the deck will be finished next week. that is another kewl thing going on!
(oh, dad!it's 16x 24...)
i am really excited about it too. a place for some rocking chairs...and a beer cooler


Cheri Pryor said...

wth is up with this "kewl" crap? You're sounding more and more like a goober every day.

(No offense to any other goobers that may visit your blog and see this post...she knows who she is)

Anonymous said...

tell fred it looks great , thanks for the dims.
what is that kewl crap?


Patti H said...

Lori you are the kewl one~nice dick oops I mean deck LOL I sure hope to have a cold one on the deck one day!!