Friday, January 23, 2009

day 16~ ode to a friend

every weekday morning i do the same thing;
update my blog and go check out a few message boards that i am a member of.
Yesterday morning, i did just that, updated my blog and headed over to the boards before the start of my day. but, yesterday i was in sadness, a Internet friend passed away, so sudden.
she was a true scrap booking cheerleader. she spent most of her time in the online gallery, commenting on layouts and in the general scrap booking forums and in the stumped scrappers.
she always had a wonderful eye for colors and textures. she enjoyed time in the Games section also, that's where she was mostly in the afternoon.
she had three wonderful children that she adored and loved deeply. a dear husband that we all prayed for that he would find that job he so loved.
you know, my family thinks i am crazy. i go to far off places for less then 48 hours to visit with these online "people". but you know what they are not just "People", they are friends.
the type of friends you can have for a lifetime. the type of friends that kinda love you unconditionally. yes, We fight and the drama starts, but we still rely on one another...
and to think, some of those online friends will be here in march...that's the awesome part.
so to you my FRIEND, janice N. may you rest in peace.
i pray that your children will mourn and rejoice in your life.
may your dear husband find some peace down the road,
God bless you Janice N. you will be missed.
everytime i see Orange, i wil think of you , sweet pal


LesleMora said...

Great tribute Lori.

Patti H said...

beautiful tribute Lori