Tuesday, November 25, 2008

update of sorts

lauren's birthday party went well, saturday.

she got all she wanted. pixo's, spa factory stuff, a lamb (stuffed), brats head.
she really enjoyed herself.
her party at CEC monday was a bust , only 5 of the 10 kids from school showed up, but she really enjoyed her time with those 5 great kids.


Stacy said...

awww I am so glad she had a good bday! Sucks about the kids tho...that happened to Logan last year. NOBODY showed up...we only invited 4 kids tho. Good thing we had family and shit coming over though.

LesleMora said...

Such a bummer when kids don't show when they promise . . . there are some lazy parents out there.

I'm so glad she had a great time, love the pictures!

Patti H said...

Happy Birthday Lauren. Glad she had a great birthday and that sucks that some of the kids did not show up!!