Monday, December 31, 2007

out with the old

good bye 2007.
it was a great year and a sad one all in one.

sad that i lost a grandfather that i was not very close to.
sad that my brother moved his kids to another state.
sad that the house moving bastard still owes us money.

good that fred, lauren and i have our health
good that we know are home owners with two paid off vehicles.
good that we have a pet we love.
good that i met some pretty amazing ladies in august.
good that i have great hopes for 2008.
good that WDW is only 5 months away.
and good that i have a best friend that i love with all my heart.

hats off to 2007. bring on 2008.


KKstock said...

AMEN sister! Meeting you was one of the best parts of 07!! Love ya!

Leslie said...

Happy 2008! May you have many more blessings this year.