Wednesday, December 19, 2007

early christmas

we celebrated christmas at my dad's this past weekend.

we had a great time.

fred got some Mickey mouse pj's and a gift card to academy.

i got a but load of QK dies! i love them ! woo hoo! thanks dad and ms. peggy!!!!!!!

lauren got a razor scooter, a mio dog, pj's, monkey's in the tree game, a tink blanket, hat and gloves.

we had a wonderful time in texas and i was able to visit with mona too. thanks for lunch mona!


Oscar T. Grouch said...

awe, that is so fun getting to do it more than once, what kind of a dog did Lauren get?

Nancyroo said...

cute pics! Lauren is getting so big!

Cassandra said...

Lauren is so cute-- I love that 1st picture!

Anonymous said...

I had fun, too! It was great seeing you! Mona