Monday, February 19, 2007

odd news week

okay since i failed the picture a day challenge.....i will try this challenge by nancyroo.....ODD NEWS WEEK....
i have to find some odd news and post an entry.....

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Israeli police investigating why a car
was blocking traffic in the fast lane of a major highway on Sunday found a
couple inside having sex.

A police spokesman said the female driver and
her male passenger gave in to their passions without pulling over to the side of
the road, causing congestion and leaving other motorists having to swerve to
dodge their stationary vehicle.
A patrolman gave the woman a ticket for
holding up traffic.

okay what's wrong with this picture? passion? seriously, i think there was likely more then just passion at play here. so that's my two cents today....i might be back later with more


Leslie said...

giving into their passions! yeah right...pull over it takes only a few minutes ;)
great one Lori!

LesleMora said...

I say, at least they stopped. No "moving" violation for them.