Wednesday, February 21, 2007

odd news #3

20 years later a college ring found....

SOUTH EUCLID, Ohio (AP) -- A college ring lost more than 20 years ago by a former
undercover officer for the CIA has been found in an underwater cave off the
coast of Africa.
Steve Ruic, a writer on staff at Notre Dame College,
received an e-mail about two weeks ago from a professional diver from Germany.
Wilfried Thiesen wrote that he had found a class ring bearing the college's name
while diving off Mauritius.
The ring was engraved with the year '76. The ring
was missing the thin portion on the underside that ordinarily carries its
owner's name.
Ruic publicized the discovery in both an e-mail to college
staff and a newsletter to alumni, but no one came forward to claim it.
while interviewing a member of the class of 1976 for an unrelated alumni
magazine story, Ruic asked Dr. Maryellen Amato Stratmann if she'd ever been to
"I couldn't believe it," Ruic said. "She said, 'No, but Clare
Cavoli Lopez has."'
Lopez, a 1976 Notre Dame College graduate and former CIA
undercover officer, was stationed at Port Louis, Mauritius, from 1983 to 1985.
During a dive, the ring slipped from her finger.
Ruic sent Thiesen's address
to Lopez. She has exchanged e-mails with Thiesen, she said Monday, and they're
arranging for him to mail it.

wow! that's crazy huh?

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