Tuesday, November 28, 2006

hugs to my GALS @ SJ

1. ashley: hugs to you. you are my hero. my God bless you and Clayton.
2. Jessie: hugs to you. you will be blessed my times over.
3. sherri: hugs to you . your a great mom and friend.
4. kristinA: hugs to you and your new edition.
5. KK Stock: hugs to you. and IRL at the bar. just make sure it's a COORS.lol
6. lesle: hugs to you. may you have a happy , wonder holiday.
7. leslie: hugs to you. i keep your MIL in my thoughts
8. christy: hugs to you. my friend one day soon.
9. terry: hugs to you. i am still giggling over KILLER....lol
10. bets: hugs to you. just keep your toes to your self.
11. rhonda: hugs to you and your dd. i hope she feels better this week.
12. nancy: hugs to you. your a wonderful host and a great talker.
13. erinj: hugs to you. even thou we belong to different parties, i love you the same.
14. cathy: hugs to you. you and your kids are in my thoughts.
15. pinay: hugs to you. i am expecting and invitation too.
16. georgina: hugs to you. i am so glad i am not on a diet with that wonderful british food you send me!
17. erin(chap): hugs to you. one day our paths will cross.

last but not least, not least at all: and to add hugs to all my friends, buddies and special sisters at SJ. you have all touched me in some way and i love you all for that. even though we all have minds of our own's,
i still love y'all...


Oscar T. Grouch said...

awe, now you have me crying.

Jennifer Sizemore said...

AWWWWWW... you are a sweetie!

Leslie said...

those are wonderful *hugs*

Nancyroo said...

aww! thanks, girl! you made my day!

Georgina said...

Ahhh bless you. Hugs back to you 10000000000 times!