Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Happy birthday Sweetheart

Today is my darling Lauren's Birthday.
today is the day in which a new life was brought into the world.

five years and nine months ago, I went to the OBGYN and had all the blood work done and I was told I was pregnant. I had the normal pap smear done and sent off to lab. I received a call a few days later from the doctor wanting to schedule another appointment. At that appointment I had another PAP done and was told that the reason was because I had some abnormal cells.
That PAP came back worst then the one before. My doctor scheduled a biopsy that following week to be done in his office. I was terrified. When the results came back from that test, my doctor told me he was sending me to Baton Rouge to get a second opinion. I went to BR and visited with another doctor that scheduled me another biopsy for that June...I was 5 months long.
that day in the hospital be for the biopsy, fred's mom prayed for me and the baby. I have never felt such peace. The surgery went well and all of the cancer was removed from my cervix.
that night in the hospital room was scary. The nurse told me to get up and walk so that the blood would not pool. Well, I did not listen. I got up to go to the bath room around 1:30 am and Fred almost had a heart attack. There was blood everywhere. The entire floor was bright red.
I was scared from all the blood and being 5 months long that I was going to lose my baby. But all was well.

fast forward to the ultra sound in July. Mom came with me because Fred had to work and could not get off. She keep saying "your gonna have a girl I know it". I told her not to jinx it, because I kinda had my heart set on a boy. We went in the room and during the US my mom saw it was a girl. Everyone with in the office heard her scream with joy... It was going to be a girl and I was so happy it was. I am so happy she is a girl....

I will not tell you the labor/c-section story due to the fact that they are almost all the same, but today at 1:40 pm my baby girl will be 5 years old....

so happy birthday Lauren and momma thanks you from the bottom of my heart.


Oscar T. Grouch said...

Happy Birthday Lauren and happy labour day Lori.

Georgina said...

Happy happy day!!

Nurse Amber said...

Thank you Lauren for saving Mommy's life we like having her around:)