Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Disney trip: day 3 and 4

Sunday: may 23
up and Adam! we were up at 7:15 and ready to go to breakfast at 8:15.
on the bus to Hollywood studios for STAR WARS WEEKENDS!!!!!!!!
holy cow that place was PACKED UP! Lauren did not want to wait in the LONGGGGGGG lines to get pictures and autographs... i was a tad bummed by this, because this is the reason we picked this weekend. but i totally understood her reason, the lines were wrapping around buildings and it was hot. so to keep with the memories i wanted to keep for her of the trip, i took pictures of the characters with other kids...i will crop the kids out, but it's funny looking thru the pictures and seeing Other kids....LOL

funny huh? i think it is, but i will have memories....

so about 3:30 we were sweating bullets and wanted a break, so back to the hotel and in the pool for a whittle swim. it was nice.

we ate supper at the food court and off to magic kingdom! the had late hours today for resort members till 2:00 AM! we walked to adventure land and rode pirates of the C and off to splash mountain and big thunder mountain rail road! i was very happy Lauren rode those two rides!but we had a deal, if she rode those i would have to go on it's a small world....my own personal hell. the mix of the dolls and that horrendous song makes me physically ill... SERIOUSLY! i can not take it.

so a few more rides and fire works, we made it home about 1:30 am....tired people.

monday : may 24

we slept in some...that was nice to get some sleep. skipped breakfast and off to EPI-COT. that is how Lauren says it. we got fast passes to test track and then off to MEXICO for lunch at San Miguel's, in the pyramid. it was wonderful... had a Sol beer, they did not serve corona's, it was very good and cold.

heading over to test track. lauren was nervous, heck i was too, never rode it before....WOW! that was cool! i loved it! so we went over to soarin' to get a fast pass since there was a 2 hour wait...

at 2:15 we got the fast pass and the return time was 8:15! holy cow. so back to world showcase and drank, ate snacks and it rained...i think we were the only three out side in the rain, it felt wonderful. killing time, window shopping and off to the sea area to see nemo and friends...

finally soarin'....so neat!

left Epcot and ate and swam.....another long day.

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