Monday, February 18, 2008

is it spring yet?

because i just seeded :

red carnations
red zinna's
red sunflowers....

looks like this is the year of red.

this was a great weekend. friday we hung out at home. saturday we hung out more and then went to eat chili at robert and ana's. then the storm blew in, WOW ! that was freaky. sunday was a pretty awesome day. went to church and then to eat CHINESE and then to sam's the get snacks for lauren's snack day on the 20th. we (me and lauren) went mud riding in the fields and played with cookie. and seeded plants...

that's it , now i just sit and wait......wait for friday.......i have a feeling this week is going to go by slooooowww.


Cassandra said...

Please post a picture when your red carnations bloom!

Leslie said...

ooo a garden of red...sounds gorgeous!