Tuesday, July 17, 2007


yes i am stale as stale can be.

update on a few things.

1. my paw paw is now in a nursing home for his last days. poor guy. he is doing well, as well can be. he is under a lot of pain from what mom says. pray for a peaceful rest soon.

2. scrapfest is 17 days away! i am so needing this mini vacation to just be me and have FUN with the girls. i am looking forward to seeing my "old" Fest friends and some new ones.

3. the house is done . all done. all the walls are painted the rooms completed and the carpet was laid last week! FINALLY!

4. i am looking forward to hosting the stay of Kristin and Kristin! just 27 days away i need to get planing meals and sight seeing tours of louisiana. what a mess to find things to do!

1 comment:

KKstock said...

Do worry yourself about finding things for me to do :) I am very easy to entertain :) hehehehe