Thursday, May 03, 2007

American Idol and Bon-Jovi

Ok. I am not an AI fan at all.
i normally just watch the try outs and that is about it...don't really have time to watch it every week.
BUT, last night was the exception...

BON -JOVI was on...... wow!
I am such a kid when i see him preform either on T.V. on live in concert...
they rock my little world.
but while watching them last night, i noticed the age starting to show.
Ritchie looks so old. poor fella. well he is not a spring chicken....
Jon is starting to show his age as well. but still HOT!!!!!!!!!!!
i totally love david's hair. i love those curls .
Tico still rocks...go tico!!!

but they preformed their new song from their new album due to hit stores soon and i love it.
really there is not one song i hate by them, some i love more then others but i hate not one.
now i heard Jon tell Ryan last night about a tour starting up in JANUARY 2008....hum....
dad if you still read my blog , i am sure this would make an AWESOME birthday gift and i am sure ms. peggy and ms. judy would love to go again.....

any way back to Idol....i watched the first part of it. and saw where they kicked off PHIL...poor guy, the video of him and the past idol shows made me cry....and when he sang "blaze of Glory" WOW DUDE you rocked that good.....
so i missed the last part, well really , i only watched from bon jovi ... put i kinda like AI...kinda. we will see if i have enough liking of it to watch each week.

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