Monday, April 02, 2007

the move

what a okay, screwed up, tired weekend....

friday went to a crop with lorijack and ana. had a great time and fun...

saturday we planed on moving, and you would know it started to RAIN!!!!!!
so i packed up the kitchen stuff and moved it in between showers.....
got all the kitchen set up.

sunday went to church and it was raining, prayed that it would stop and it did.
got home and fred had a headache so we waited for a bit, then hit it hard...got the large things, ie...dryer, washer, icebox and freezer loaded and moved.
then for round two, the sofa chairs and all the little things.
round three, the bed and scrap stuff...i was looking at the mess and wondering what the world i got my self into with moving. once the bed was up i took a shower and went to micky d's at 10:00, because i was not going to cook at 10 pm... it was so nice to sleep in the new house. lauren said it was like sleeping in a hotel...LMAO. i felt that way too.

so JAZZER's i will not be on SJ this week do to work and i hope you all have a great week. thanks for all your prayers and thoughts about the house. i will never forget this forever.


LesleMora said...

Smooches honey! Can't wait to visit!

Nancyroo said...

missing you! hope everything gets less hectic soon.