Friday, March 23, 2007


the dark dining room...where the ranch theme will take place...
the living room, yes that carpet will be replaced....and the door will be painted

the master bedroom, i need some tie backs for the curtains
color: pollen grains....almost the color we have now in the other house.

this is lauren's room. no bed yet, but will be soon
and above the tv area i will draw a horse....LMAO
color: behr, disney 12 o'clock high, i think

this is the spare bedroom. lemon frost....

this is the kitchen...the color by the window is wonky,
but i think i need to change the bulbs to regular a type.
i am in the process of refinishing the hood above the stove.
so i hope you can see some process from what we started with....and once the a/c is up and working a moving we will do! saturday is the day


CathySandy said...

looking good chickie

ErinJ said...

awesome Lori! How exciting.

Leslie said...

looks great Lori! can't wait to see more!!!!

Oscar T. Grouch said...

looking godd

LesleMora said...

Where do I get to sleep? :D Can't wait till August!