Friday, June 09, 2006

stale blogger!!!!!

i knew that this would happen! well sorry for the non-updates...
thanks beth for the push to update!

nicknames! i can not stand the one my step dad called me.
LO-LO... i hated it . now it's just LO! what bothers me is my name is LORI not lo or lolo or l, just lori.
but some people like there nicknames: like a jes for jessica, chris for christy i just like the regular name.
but that's me!


Beth said...

Would you believe it was your STALE blog that pushed me to post on sj? LOL

Nancyroo said...

Well, hate when people call me nan or nance, so I sympathize.

Oscar T. Grouch said...

You should never have told me that LOLO. he he he

I grew up with a nickname and all my adult life have had a nickname. Not a big deal to me.

KKstock said...

Your Lori!! I have a friend who is Lori and sometimes people call her Lor and she HATES IT!