Friday, March 27, 2009

coonfest weekend and updates of sorts

our groups shot, taken about 2:30 am on sunday morning....
heather, lorij, cass, lesle, kristin and me (sitting)

the tat... i have been wanting a tattoo for about 20 years now...i waited to make sure that i can live the rest of my life with the art i picked...Dali is my FAVORITE artist and once lauren was born i knew that the hands would be at the time she was born...

the pain...hurt like hell, yes hell! when john started it, i was "oh, that is not that bad." then i started feeling funny, that tunnel vision started and i lost hearing in my left ear, i was soaking wet from sweat and hot...on came the a/c and kristin got me a coke...i started counting the tiles on the floor in the shop...one, two, three, four, five....the whole experience lasted about 30 minutes and i am pleased with the out come. something with meaning, something to cherish and adore, a memory that i shared with friends and that lauren loves it, she blushed when i told her it was the time she was born...

now , just for the itching to stop....but still worth it...
so glad i was able to see friends and enjoy time with them....
heather came from Utah on wednesday, we laughed and talked into the wee hours of the morning. kristin arrived on thursday! wow! she is a hoot....cass came in on friday(funny story ) and lesle on saturday.
i had a great week/weekend ladies! thanks so much!

Monday, March 16, 2009

been busy

first off, Lauren had her annual family Math night at school on the 10th!
it was great. lasted about an hour but we walked away with fun math games
and some flash cards...

this weekend we had two birthday parties that lauren was invited too, we were only able to attend one, due to the fact that both parties were at the same time and across town.so we attended erica's birthday party. she is in to tinker bell and we got her a trunk full of tinkerbell dress up clothes! she loved it.

i am engrossed in another book...stacie and lori both raved about it, yet neither one of them has finished the book....i started it this morning and will FINISH it this week.

the time has come! on wednesday i drive to get my buddy heather from lafayette airport. totally excited about meeting her and enjoying the company.....then friday we go get cassa-undra and lesle will be in friday night! it's going to be a great week for me!

the shack by: william p. young. it's very good right now....

Monday, March 09, 2009

okay leslemora

cliffs of dover 92% notes hit 93,728 score 117 streak

i was surprised! see your guitar playing ass in 12 days


lauren's report card......

Friday, March 06, 2009


been really busy and forgot about this blog....bad, LORI!

anyway, my baby girl is pretty smart... she got banner roll again this past six weeks!
way to go lauren! i am so proud of her....and she had perfect conduct and is at a winter's end party at school today! they got to wear their robes and will be having hot cocoa and snacks!

only 12 day till my pal Heather will be arriving for the Coonfest! and 14 days till we pick up cassandra in lafayette! then lesle soon be driving in and beth and shannon too! fun!

there is an AIR SHOW this weekend and i would love to go, depends on if i can or not get the tiller to work, i need to start my garden this weekend....

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